Highland Ridge RV will be equipping its entire towable line with the Dometic Blizzard NXT air conditioner and Quiet Zone ducted return air system.
According to a press release, the Blizzard NXT provides an industry leading 350 CFM and features EPP foam housing for improved insulation and maximum air flow around the evaporator coils, creating better cooling performance. It is a key component of Dometic’s residential-style Quiet Zone system which keeps noise and vibration away from the living space for quiet, cool comfort.
“Camping is meant to be an enjoyable experience with family and friends, but how can it be if you can’t have a conversation over the noise of the air conditioner?” said Ben Johnson, director of product development and national sales manager at Highland Ridge RV. “This is one of the top complaints we’ve heard from our customers. For several years we’ve offered Quiet Cool air conditioners in our higher end products. This year we thought, let’s give all customers what they asked for and offer it on the entire line of products.”