Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) announced that Highland Ridge RV is adopting LCI’s OneControl technology across select 2020 brands. Certain functions, such as power stabilization, auto-leveling, awnings, slide-outs, and lighting, will be controlled with LCI’s OneControl technology through a specially branded version of OneControl called, “RidgeLINK”.

“We are excited to partner with LCI to offer our customers use of the RidgeLINK app with all of our laminated product lines. We feel this a perfect example of form, fit, and function,” said said Scott West, product director at Highland Ridge, in a press release. It gives our customers the ability to control things such as slideouts, awnings, and lighting from the palm of their hand and, at the same time, it is intuitive and user-friendly. Customers also retain the ability to manually control these components — giving them the best of both worlds.”

“As more of our primary customer base begins to request automated control of their RV features, we’re dedicated, more than ever, to offering innovation technology solutions that will enhance the RVing experience. OneControl technology is opening doors, and we’re excited to partner with Highland Ridge to incorporate the latest technology into their RVs,” said Andy Murray, chief sales officer for LCI.

Recent upgrades to LCI’s OneControl software platform now allow for push notifications to be sent to the end user, alerting RVers to maintenance reminders or informing them of RV features they may not be aware of. OneControl also has the ability to report real-time diagnostic information that can help prevent possible maintenance issues, all with the intent of improving the customer experience.