With the first round of sub-ultralight RVs planned to arrive at U.S. dealerships later in 2019, Hoefer Group is unveiling some of the preliminary specifications for the lineip.

According to a press release, the company said that it will offer a 10-year warranty against leaks, five-year full body structure warranty, and one-year comprehensive warranty – all standard and all transferable. There are no extra costs or annual check-ups at the dealership required during the coverage period to keep the warranty active.

Hoefer Group will offer single-axle trailers with high end BMW-spec runflat tires and 17inch performance rims standard, including a matching spare tire. A luxury digital tire pressure monitoring system matched to each RV will also be standard, which captures tire temperatures and pressures every few seconds and sends alerts back to the driver when tire parameters risk a flat.

Each unit will feature interior amenities that include yachting memory foam mattresses, a 10-year commercial-rated luxury plank flooring and premium leather seating standard. The RVs structures are built to meet the lifespan of a luxury boat, and under ordinary conditions should deliver several decades of suitability for use, the release stated.

Two models are planned for initial roll-out, a 20-foot and 17-foot big body RVs with full kitchens, baths and large seating and sleeping areas, each with GVWRs at or under 2,500 pounds, including ample payloads. The trailers can be towed by the Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler, Ford EcoSport, Escape, Explorer (4-cyl.), Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Outback.

Princess Craft RV of Round Rock, Texas, a Texas dealer for several lightweight RV brands, will be the exclusive Texas retailer for upcoming Hoefer models. Princess Craft owner/GM P.J. Buerger said Hoefer RV aligns with trends they are seeing in the USA market, noting, “Our customers want light, and they want a complete package when they buy. Hoefer Group is reducing the options sheets to colors, and that is exactly what we need to turn product.”

Charles Hoefer, CEO of Hoefer Group, says the company will now turn its focus to manufacturing and continued workforce development in Eswatini, Africa. “Our products are coming along well, and with the 17- and 20-foot full-size RV designs underway, both weighing under 2,000 pounds. We couldn’t be more excited for our U.S. introduction. It’s great to have dealers like Princess Craft join our team and help us match a top quality product with premium sales and after sales service.”

Hoefer RV trailers are projected to retail list from the mid-$30,000 to mid-$40,000 price points, well-equipped after all import costs.