Hoefer Group, headed by Charles Hoefer and his wife Andrea Kine, is developing patents on a next generation ultralight platform suitable for mass production at mid-market pricing, according to a press release.

The company, based in Eswatini in Africa, unveiled the Hoefer Azzero this past weekend in Johannesburg, South Africa with attendance over 25,000.

Built on a shock-dissipating body and chassis and capable to withstand the harsh, unpaved terrain of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, the Azzero is 2,205 pounds lighter than its nearest competition for size and capability, according to the release. 

Azzero’s weight includes two refrigerators, an air conditioner, premium memory gel mattress, and a matching full sized spare 4×4 tire. The interior layout includes three separate rooms connected by interior passage doors, an outside kitchen and two double beds. 

The Azzero is the first of a series of ultralight products Hoefer Group is planning to launch in the near future, and the company is starting a global hiring initiative to relocate skilled craftsmen and women to the Eswatini factory.

Hoefer stated, “We are very pleased with the way Azzero was received by the South African market, and we view South Africa as the perfect proving ground for our technologies. If our products can thrive on these roads, they will go anywhere.”

The boxy body structure is a retro-inspired design offers an aerodynamic package suitable for towing with smaller SUVs, sedans and crossovers. 

“Most people think a box cannot run with highway stability, but we eliminated most points of turbulence. In particular, the whole roof is slanted for downforce, and lateral stabilizers are built into the chassis. The underbelly is clean with spare tire and tanks above the floor,” said Hoefer. “Tests with four- and five-cylinder SUVs like Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Everestshow stable towing at 80 mph without towing aids.”

Retail pricing on the Hoefer Azzero Premium All Terrain less value added tax that is  approximately $36,500.