Hall's Walk of Fame

RV/MH Hall’s Walk of Fame

Earlier this month, the RV/MH Hall of Fame unveiled the latest addition to the RV/MH Walk of Fame. According to a news release, the new section honors all past Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) chairmen, the volunteer leaders of the organization.

Hall President Darryl Searer noted, “This is an exciting new addition to our Walk of Fame and the credit for this concept goes to Hall of Fame board member Mick Ferkey, owner of Greeneway RV Sales & Service, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.”

“As an RVDA board member, a delegate for Wisconsin since it started, and director, treasurer and secretary of RVDA, I got to witness first-hand how much time the chairmen put in volunteering,” Ferkey said. “I tried to think of a way to honor them.  Being on the RV/MH Hall of Fame board of directors and the brick program seemed to fit very nicely where it would help the Hall financially, and at the same time honor these chairmen for what they do.”

Ferkey ran the idea by RVDA President Phil Ingrassia, board members and a few past chairmen who all endorsed the idea.

Ferkey continued, “I had a green light. I contacted Darryl Searer at the Hall of Fame to see if we could get a special price, and he agreed, so I started going after donations and got it done raising a total of $15,450.”

Ferkey’s fundraising not only covered the cost for the bricks for all the past chairmen, but also enough to cover purchasing bricks for the next five chairmen. When the gavel is passed to the next chairman, the new chairmen will be presented a brick in the RVDA section of the Hall’s Walk of Fame.

“A lot of RVDA members participated toward the project,” Ferkey said. “Every person I called donated.”

Searer said, “We all appreciate Mick’s success in this project and his entrepreneurial spirit. This is a real win-win-win operation where RVDA wins, the Hall wins and all the past chairmen of RVDA win.”

After his success with the RVDA brick program, Ferkey contacted Derald Bontrager, current Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) chairman, and Doug Gaeddert, immediate past chairman of RVIA, to encourage RVIA to honor their volunteer leaders with a special section in the Hall’s Walk of Fame.

According to Ferkey, they were receptive to the idea, and Searer is following up with RVIA to see if a section is feasible.

“The Hall’s Walk of Fame is an excellent way for our professional organizations to honor their leaders with a lasting legacy with their own personalized brick,” Searer said. “We sincerely hope RVIA, MHI, state associations and other associations will follow Mick’s and RVDA’s example and honor their leaders.”

Ingrassia added, “The bricks at the RV/MH Hall of Fame are a lasting tribute to the volunteer leaders who have provided guidance and direction to RVDA over the past 45 years. Mick Ferkey did a wonderful job coordinating contributors to help make this happen.”