Holiday House RV, the Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer of the iconic travel trailer known for its wrap-around front window, will soon star in a new reality television show.

In conjunction with Winter State Entertainment, a movie and television production studio, the show will document the story of “an iconic American brand being resurrected through good old-fashioned hard work,” Mark Lucas, co-owner of Holiday House RV, told RVBUSINESS.com.

“What it’s going to be about is just the day-to-day struggles of an American company building an American brand and trying to do all the things from start to finish — getting parts, finding people, having employees and what you run into with adding people and doing things a certain way,” Lucas said. 

“So, it’s really a bare bones American business story,” he continued. “And if you walk through the place, boy, it’s a bunch of characters that work here. Plus, you add in how unique the product is, and the dealers who’ll be selling it, and the owners who’ll be buying it, what they’ll hook it to and what they’ll use it for.”

The show’s title is “Pull Your Weight” which officials said is a deliberate play on words meant to reflect towing an RV as much as the demanding work ethic of its “stars” —Lucas and co-owners Charles Ragland and his son, Steve Ragland. Producers expect to air the show on broadcast television, perhaps on Discovery, History or Travel Channel networks, as well as via streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon. 

With filming set to begin in a few weeks and play out over the course of eight 30-minute episodes for its first season, the show is currently in pre-production as officials are looking to secure sponsorships with various companies and campgrounds. In addition to title sponsors, sponsorship opportunities include: on-site tours by the cast; location visits by the cast; product included in one or more episodes; vehicles driven by the cast; logoed merchandise worn by the cast; and company/product signage visible in the show.

“There are so many great companies in Elkhart that provide great products; we want to be able to showcase those companies as well. I’d add that we want to showcase our dealer partners who, themselves, are American business people all over the country — and oftentimes characters in and of themselves,” Lucas said, pointing out that campgrounds can be sponsors as well, with the idea being that new owners of a Holiday House could be filmed during a camping trip at a participating RV park.