Although Holiday RV Superstores Inc. recently disclosed it is attempting to build a “virtual dealership” on the Internet, the company continues to be a RV dealership “roll-up” firm, said Mike Riley, chairman.

Holiday RV Superstores, which is in the process of changing its name to RecreationUSA, has 13 locations including seven in Florida, two in California and one each in New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

The company’s upgraded Web site, recusa.com, allows consumers to shop online from the inventory of all 13 locations, but that does not mean it has abandoned the effort to add more “brick & mortar,” Riley said.

The goal is to grow to 35 to 37 locations, Riley said. Much of the growth will occur through the acquisition of existing dealerships although the company might start some dealerships from scratch in certain markets, Riley added.

In addition to being able to shop for new and used RVs online, consumers will be able to use recusa.com to shop for an increasing number of non-RV products, including boats, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and electric-powered bicycles built by a firm started by auto industry legend Lee Iacocca, who agreed last week to join the Holiday RV Superstores Board of Directors.

Recusa.com also will carry information about the used cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles in Holiday RV Superstores’ inventory. Those units were acquired by the company as trade-ins and Holiday RV Superstores has no plans to become a new car franchise, Riley said.