Holiday World logoHoliday World of Houston announced today (Sept. 24) that it has completed training and installation of ProResponse, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system, in all of the company’s stores. 

Michael Peay, president of Holiday World of Houston, noted in a press release, “We spent a long time researching CRMs before finally choosing ProResponse. ProResponse will give us such an advantage over our competitors that we made sure we locked in exclusivity in every one of our market areas.”

Vice President of Variable Operations Charlie Power spearheaded the installation and customization for both sales and service at all locations.  

“Nothing is as robust, flexible or as advanced as ProResponse and our sales people are truly excited and motivated to use it,” said Power. “ProResponse enjoys a great tack record for increasing sales and service and their customer service is fantastic. We look forward a long and mutually prosperous relationship”

ProResponse capabilities include Internet lead management, prospect tracking, customer follow-up, data mining, e-mail campaigns and reputation management.

Holiday World of Houston operates four stores in Texas and an outlet based in Las Cruces, N.M. For more information on Holiday World of Houston click here. For more information on ProResponse click here.