Four people were slain at an Escapees Club RV park Thursday (Aug.2) in Livingston, Texas, according to reports from the Associated Press.
Authorities said a family member surrendered Thursday after allegedly fatally shooting his wife, daughter, son-in-law and teenage grandson and then setting fire to a recreational vehicle.
Neighbors of the man arrested described an individual who became isolated and disheveled in the months after his wife moved out of their home and asked for a divorce after 51 years of marriage.
Joann and Harold Struthers were neighbors of the couple for 17 years at the Escapees RV Club, an RV park about 75 miles northeast of Houston in the wooded outskirts of Livingston.
“This is a very quiet community,” said Joann Struthers. The couple “never argued, never yelled. I was crying after learning what happened. They were dear people.”
Robert Brinton, marketing director for the RV Club, said the park’s community, made up mostly of older retirees, was numbed by the shootings.
Although the park can have as many as 400 people at a time, Brinton said possibly only 100 or fewer were living there because it was summer.
The RV park is part of nearly 20 such parks around the country run by or connected to the Escapees RV Club, which was started in 1978 to help people enjoy their recreational vehicles on a full-time basis.
Livingston serves as headquarters for the club, which has 60,000 members around the United States and Canada.