Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.24.01 AMThis latest concept vehicle from Honda, the N-TRUCK/N-CAMP combo, will be featured at the annual Japan Camping Car Show.

According to AutoGo.ca, the show’s website indicates that camping vehicles are a big business in Japan, and the variety in size and functionality will “surely astound.”

Each year, Japanese manufacturers try to one-up each other at this show, but this time, Honda will be hard to beat, thanks to its N-TRUCK/N-CAMP combo.

Based on the Honda N-BOX, which is a wagon made to fit in Japan’s strict Kei-car class, in which vehicles are not only limited by length and width – 11.2 ft and 4.9 ft respectively, but also engines, which cannot be larger than 0.66L in displacement or produce more than 63 horsepower.

This latest concept from Honda bends the rules a bit; while the overall length of the N-TRUCK with its N-CAMP trailer is much longer than that of a normal Kei-car, individually the car portion fits the rules. Also, while its trailer is not as big as the ones we’re used to seeing in North America, it still features a lounge with bedding for two – NBA players need not apply.

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