Rod Livingston of Richmond, Ind., is hoping to become flush with success.

The Palladium-Item reported that Livingston is the inventor of Dry-Flush, an odorless, waterless toilet designed for use in RVs and boats, now being manufactured in Connecticut and sold by distributors around the world. Livingston and his business partner have applied for patents for the toilet, the only waterless unit that has both flushing action and a bagging system for waste.

Though he has launched about a dozen products over the years, “this is the first one that looks like it’s really going to take off,” Livingston said.

“There have to be a lot of things that fall into place just right” for an invention to succeed, he said. Not only does the product have to work, it has to be easy and cost-effective to build. In addition, there must be a need for the product, a market and the opportunity to take advantage of that market.

“The toilet is hitting all of these things right now,” Livingston said.

Livingston majored in physics in college then went into the service. After he got out, his first job was with Discovision, a company that was working on a product that eventually became the compact disc. “We just invented stuff right and left.”

Livingston had long been interested in owning an RV, but the self-proclaimed “geeky engineer” wanted to build rather than buy one. “I don’t ever buy something I think I can make myself,” he said.

As he began researching RVs, Livingston said, he discovered the toilet systems were “pretty awful” — especially their smell. He was convinced he could do better.

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