Fun Time Campers logoFun Time Campers in Terre Haute, Ind., told WTHI-TV, Terre Haute, that after 11 years of business it can no longer ride out the economy.

Although sales are up from last year, profits are not, forcing owner Nick Braun to shut his doors for good.

Braun isn’t the only one struggling.

“One of the manufacturers I deal with used to build 14 campers a day, and now they’re building three a week,” Braun said.

Braun said soft business is forcing him to sell old inventory this year at a much lower price. Braun showed a camper that would sell around $13,000 is now being sold at $8,500.

While Braun waits to sell the rest of the campers off his lot before closing, he said he’ll soon have to start looking for a job.

“Obviously I’m going to have to find a job and work for somebody else, which is going to be tough to do, because I haven’t done that in a long time,” Braun said.