The fresh paint job for Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’ motorhome will be fashioned after the state flag, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star.
The design was chosen by participants in an on-line poll and will emblazon the exterior of a 40-foot coach donated by Monaco Coach Corp.
Daniels said he will use the motorhome as a “mobile office” while conducting business in the state.
Four exterior designs were selected and voters at IN.gov picked a solid-blue theme that features the gold torch and 19 stars from the state flag on the sides along with “Indiana” in large white letters.
Of the four designs, the winner received 2,619 votes, close to 44% of the total votes cast.
“I knew that I shouldn’t trust myself with any artistic judgment about the design of the RV. I like the choice the participants have made,” said the governor.
Daniels intends to use the 2001 Beaver Patriot Thunder coach at least once a week to participate in events throughout the state after the painting is complete.
During his run for office, Daniels traveled the state in a motorhome dubbed RV1, which became the centerpiece for his ‘My Man Mitch’ campaign.