Emporia, Kan.-based Hopkins Manufacturing Corp. announced that it has acquired Acme Chamois, a leading supplier of genuine leather chamois products in North America. 

For 65 years, the company’s chamois has been marketed under the Tanner’s Select brand, according to a press release. Prior to the acquisition, the company was a division of Acme Sponge and Chamois Co. Inc.

The acquisition strengthens Hopkins’ leadership position in vehicle cleaning accessories, complementing its existing cleaning tools and soft goods, including its synthetic drying towels. The Acme Chamois product offering includes its genuine leather chamois and synthetic cloth for drying and chamois-based wash sponges.

“We are pleased to add the Acme Chamois product line and the Tanner’s Select brand to Hopkins’ portfolio. The Tanner’s Select brand bolsters our growing lineup of market-leading automotive cleaning brands, including  Auto Spa, Carrand and Pacific Coast” said Bradley T. Kraft, president and CEO of Hopkins. “Bringing the Acme chamois products together with our automotive cleaning products will be a win for our customers.”

 “We’re very excited that Hopkins will build on the heritage of the Tanner’s Select brand into the future,” said Jim Cantonis, president of Acme. “Over the years we have been approached numerous times to sell our chamois business, now we have found the right fit. Hopkins has the right culture, it does business in the right manner and has an outstanding reputation in the industry. We could not think of a better partner to ensure the future for this business.” 

 As part of the acquisition, Hopkins will add an operations and distribution facility in Tarpon Springs, Fla., where genuine leather chamois products are sized, packaged and distributed.  Acme will continue to operate its natural and synthetic sponge business as The Acme Sponge Co. which was not a part of the transaction.

Recent acquisitions by Hopkins include Air Power America, a leader in oil extraction technology for automotive and marine engines; Bell Automotive Products, a supplier of interior and vehicle accessories; Mallory, the market leader in Canada for snow tools and in North America for gas station squeegees; the fluid management drain pans and ramps of F3 Brands; Mr. Funnel, a line of portable fuel filters that remove water, dirt and debris from all types of fuels; and the TowDaddy line of towed vehicle wire harness kits.