One of the biggest dangers a motorist faces is a tire blowout — and it’s magnified whenever you’re towing another vehicle or a trailer. Since many tire failures are caused by low air pressure, knowing beforehand when a tire is losing air can eliminate this potential catastrophe. At the very least, it can save a driver money because under-inflated tires wear prematurely.

Hopkins nVision Tire Monitoring System for RVersThe nVISION tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) from Hopkins Manufacturing Corp. is the first TPMS made specifically for RVers. With its patent pending 4-memory position settings, this system allows users to monitor the exact number and configuration of tires that correspond to the vehicle they are driving and/or towing. The memory positions can be recalled at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to reprogram each time a different vehicle and/or towed vehicle is driven. The nVISION TPMS allows drivers to check their tire pressures right from the driver’s seat. Installation is quick and easy; sensors simply attach to the tire valve stems and continuously send tire pressure readings to the monitor located on the dash. The 2-level warning system (12.5% low and 25% low) warns drivers with both visual and audible alerts when tires become low.

The base system includes one monitor with non-skid pad and 4 tire sensors. Additional sensors are sold in 2-packs so that users can monitor all tires on driven and towed vehicles as well as spare tires; the system will track up to 24 tires simultaneously. The monitor is also portable, wireless and travels with drivers to whichever vehicle they are driving. nVISION TPMS works on all sizes of tires, up to 150 PSI. for more information, contact: Hopkins Manufacturing Corp., 428 Peyton, Emporia, KS 66801-1157, www.nvisionsafety.com.