It won’t happen for nearly three years, but the end of the Dave Humphreys era as head of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), is in sight.

Humphreys, the RVIA’s president, recently told the California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association that he will retire on his 68th birthday, on Jan. 30, 2004.

The RVIA, which represents RV manufacturers and suppliers, recently added two years to Humphreys’ 10-year contract to keep him at the head of the organization until early 2004.

Humphreys, who served as RVIA’s chief legal counsel prior to his appointment to the association’s top staff position in 1979, said a timetable has been set and that a search for a new president will get underway next year.

Humphreys, an avid pilot who also serves as chairman of the American Recreation Colalition (ARC), wants a successor named before Committee Week of 2003, allowing an eight-month overlap for RVIA’s new president and chief of staff to get his footing.

“In my mind, I’m doing the countdown,” Humphreys told the California dealers. “That’s why I’m so happy to be involved in the strategic planning process now. It will give my successor a much better idea of what things are going on in the association.”