Unlike other vacation-related industries, the RV industry dodged the 9/11 bullet, and currently it is “doing great,” Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) President Dave Humphreys told those who attended the Florida RV Trade Association annual convention earlier this month.
But the long-time RVIA head said he is very worried about the crisis with Iraq.
“What has me scared is that it seems like either way we go, we’ve got a problem,” Humphreys told the gathering at Sanibel Island, Fla. “If we attack, there’s one series of problems, and if we don’t, there’s another series.
“If they (Iraq) really do have weapons of mass destruction, that could make this terrorism thing look like child’s play and we might not be immune if they go down that road,” Humphreys continued. “So, I don’t know about you, but, basically, I’m holding my breath and praying.”
Humphreys recently spoke with Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, senior member of the Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees.
He said Lugar believes: “The issue was not whether we were going to attack (Iraq), but who’s going to pay for it.
“He (Lugar) said, in the Gulf War, 90% of the cost was picked up by our allies.”
Meanwhile, Humphreys said, Lugar believes “we would be in more trouble not attacking, than attacking.”
Because of the expense, Humphreys said, Lugar feels war with Iraq “would hurt our economy,” although he “didn’t have anything dire to say about our industry.”
“Ya know,” Humphreys concluded, “when there’s a lot of pressure, sometimes people need to get away more than they do when there is not pressure. So, we’ll see.”