CENTER LINE sway system

Morgan Hill, CA, April, 2012 – The Husky CENTER LINE Weight Distribution and Sway Control System is the industry’s first self-centering sway control system providing drivers with complete confidence during their towing experience. Compression cylinder action and torsion spring bars work together to distribute weight and oppose trailer sway before it begins, keeping a trailer straight, on center, during all driving conditions.

Outdated “passive” sway control towing systems rely on clamping to provide static friction that reduces, but does not eliminate trailer sway. Such systems require continual adjustment to maintain friction and do not promote centering of the trailer behind the tow vehicle.

The Center Line system’s patented technology creates centering forces that work against the tendency to sway, self-centering the trailer. The system can be used in all driving and weather conditions including backing-up. The “Easy Adjust” head alignment systems and the streamlined sturdy bracket design allow quick and easy set-up at time of installation. The CENTER LINE system comes in three models for use with Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) up to 14,000 lbs and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

“Husky Towing Products is committed to continually providing innovative products to improve the towing experience,” says Steve Holt, Director of Brand Marketing, Husky Towing Products. “the CENTER LINE system is a great example, the most technologically advanced towing solution in the industry.”

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