Electric Motors Corp. (EMC) now says it may start building prototypes of its electric and hybrid vehicles as early as this fall in Elkhart County.

“Everyone’s pursuit is really collectively to try and generate as many jobs as we can here,” said EMC President Brad Rinehart.

For the last couple of weeks, officials with the EMC have been working hard on the foundation to build electric-hybrid vehicles in our area, according to WSBT-TV, South Bend, Ind.

“We have several engineering efforts going on presently, some in Detroit, some in California,” Rinehart explained. “We also have infrastructure that we’re working on, getting ourselves facilities here and working with our partners here.”

Part of those partnerships includes the possible use of vacant RV buildings in the Wakarusa/Nappanee area.

“We are looking at several different possibilities right now,” Rinehart added. “We have not solidified any of those yet; but we are in negotiations presently.”

For now, the hope is to begin low volume production later this year.

“We’ll have prototypes out, engineering prototypes, in the next few months,” Rinehart said. “We’ll have working prototypes by right around August, September. Our goal is in the next few years to produce tens of thousands of vehicles.”

The company recently set up e-mail addresses so people interested in working for the company or becoming a supplier can contact the company.

“The e-mail program collects their e-mail addresses, collects the information about who they are and what they do,” explained EMC’s Ralph King. “Let’s say next November or December as we’re starting up some of the early production lines, we’ll have the information.”

The company says there will be major announcements made about development plans during the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy month for EMC, according to thedeal.com

The Camarillo, Calif.-based firm became a public company on May 5, when it was acquired by the holding company Optimax Industries Inc. In announcing the deal, EMC CEO Wil Cashen noted that the public platform will help attract a broader investor base. “Investor interest in green energy in general and electrification of automobiles in specific has never been higher,” he said.