Tim Hyland at Tampa show

Among the record crowd of 19,000-plus people who attended the opening day of the Florida RV SuperShow – the annual industry consumer show hosted by the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) at the state fairgrounds – was a contingent from Wells Fargo CDF’s RV Group led by President Tim Hyland.

Hyland reported that, given what other economists have to say and marrying that information with RV industry data, 2018 appears to be off to a good start.

“Early out of the blocks, we’re experiencing ’18 to be what we expected it to be,” Hyland said. “We’re seeing moderate growth in the economy. We expect that to continue. We expect the Fed to make a couple of bumps in the industry through the course of the year, which is what we expected last year. The shows that we’ve seen so far since the year began have been very positive; a good turnout. Dealers are reporting good activity, and manufacturers seem happy. So, I think 2018, absent any hiccups, is going to be a good growth year as we expected.”

Cautioning that he’s not an expert with regard to the automotive industry, Hyland added that the softening sales reports in that segment doesn’t appear to have an affect on the RV industry.

“When I look at things that drive the RV industry, the economic factors, the demographic factors, and those types of data points, things look positive for the industry in 2018,” Hyland said, adding that the tax reform plan recently signed by President Trump is “another factor in the direction of the economy to the extent that it is a positive for businesses. It creates job growth. It’s going to be a positive for our industry.”