Icon Direct, a manufacturer of interior and exterior RV body parts, has added three new models of aftermarket replacement fender skirts.

According to a press release, the models accommodate fender styles by Holiday Rambler (Model FS1778), Sunline Coach (Model FS1773) and Carriage Inc. (Model FS1756).

Carriage has recently gone out of business and manufactured many high-end fifth-wheels such as the Cameo. Sunline Coach, who was the manufacturer of a vastly popular line of units, also went out of business back in 2007. Icon said these units “are still very popular in reselling and refurbishing markets, with parts still in demand.”

Icon Direct specializes in producing a supply of hard to find replacement fender skirts. The Manitoba-based company said it “makes it easy for customers to order their replacement fender skirt by having customers ship them the older fender skirt, in any condition.” The fender skirt is then recreated and shipped back to the customer.

For more information on replacement fender skirts, visit Icon Direct’s website at www.icondirect.com.