Three high-end motorhomes at Bodily RV in Garden City, Idaho, were damaged by thieves earlier this month, according to TV station KBCI of Boise.
About $7,500 damage was done to the three coaches and it could take two months to compete repairs because the wire harnesses were damaged, Bodily RV Manager Joe Boyd told the TV station.
The thieves, using a pass key, broke into the coaches and ripped audio equipment from dashboards, cut satellite equipment out of cabinets and attempted to steal a flat-screen TV, ruining it and the cabinet that held it.
Because dead-bolt locks use a different key than the pass key, Boyd said, “I just encourage people to use their dead-bolt lock every time they leave their coach.
“These people don’t just pick the RV dealers; there have been instances where they hit people’s coaches that are parked in their driveways.”
Boyd plans to install alarms and surveillance cameras to keep Bodily RV’s inventory more secure, he told the TV station.