Idaho Wrecker Sales (IWS), a leading distributor of custom tow trucks and towing equipment, announced that it has partnered with Bristol, Ind.-based Renegade RV. According to a press release, IWS will serve as the premier dealer for Renegade RV’s motorhomes in the Pacific Northwest.

“Creating IWS Motor Coaches was a very natural transition for us,” said Chuck Ceccarelli, president of Idaho Wrecker Sales, based in Mountain Home, Idaho. “We know how to keep towing companies on the road, and that same experience is going to transfer over to the way we provide sales and service of our motorhomes. Our passion and knowledge of building high-end tow trucks, and our extensive knowledge of custom-built chassis, precise wiring, and custom fabrication made this a perfect fit.”
According to Ceccarelli, IWS chose Renegade as its manufacturer of choice because the companies share similar quality standards. “We listen to the customer and create top quality equipment that will perform and last for years to come,” he said. Renegade’s custom coaches, built by Kibbi LLC, are nationally known for their quality build, featuring hand-crafted Amish cabinetry, structurally sound chassis, and amenities designed and built specifically to their customer’s specifications.
In addition to Renegade RV’s standard coach models, IWS Motor Coaches will also carry an exclusive motor coach. “The IWS Sportsman was custom designed by IWS to meet the needs of the serious outdoorsmen who want to travel to remote locations other motor homes would never dream to go,” Ceccarelli said.
IWS debuted its first two coaches at sportsman shows in Idaho and Oregon and will continue to attend trade shows and events in the area.
For more information visit www.iwsmotorcoaches.com and www.idahowreckersales.com.