IHS AUTOMOTIVE-BLUEIHS Inc., a global source of critical data and analytics for the automotive industry, is making its first incursion into the RV marketplace.

The Colorado-based company last summer acquired R.L. Polk & Co, another recognized leader in the automotive information industry, and incorporated it into IHS Automotive. With the addition of Polk, including its CARFAX division, IHS Automotive provides expertise and insight across the entire automotive chain from product inception, through design and production, to the sales and marketing efforts used to maximize potential in the marketplace, according to a press release.

With the transition, IHS also provides a suite of information and analysis services tailored to the RV industry. “When it comes to recreational vehicles, IHS Automotive can provide detail on what’s selling, who’s buying and how to reach consumers,” said Jody Doublestein, IHS Automotive account executive for Powersports & Recreation.

IHS Automotive offers the industry a variety of solutions that help OEMs, dealers, insurance companies, aftermarket manufacturers, retailers and distributors analyze the recreational vehicle market, Doublestein said, adding that the company can assist clients in communicating effectively with their best customers and prospects and evaluating how well their campaigns are doing.

“IHS Automotive market analysis offers a key opportunity for those in the industry to improve their businesses,” Doublestein said.

Currently, the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) is one of IHS Automotive’s clients. “IHS Automotive is uniquely positioned to dive deep into consumer purchasing patterns, which is very valuable to Go RVing,” said RVDA President Phil IngrassiaIngrassia said. “They also can provide context through benchmarking performance with other related industries, so that you can get a better picture of performance.”

RV industry intelligence and insight available from IHS Automotive includes:

• Recreational Vehicles in Operation (RVIO) data enables IHS Automotive customers to learn more about what currently registered RVs (motorized and towable) are on the roads today. It contains RVs that are titled and registered, back to the 1986 model year. RVIO is available at a variety of levels – from national to a census tract level of geographical detail. The RVIO data includes make, model, year, model and RV type.

• RV Garage and Purchase Predictor Models provide an extensive database services to help companies deliver their messages to the right audiences at the right times. With RV Garage Predictors, customers may obtain a targeted marketing list of reliable and fresh names of likely RV owners or those with a higher propensity to purchase an RV.

• RV Predictor uses proprietary modeling methodology to effectively identify and reach RV prospects in all 50 states. Both direct mail and email lists are available and data can be filtered by state, zip code radius; specific zips/cities; county(s); DMA/CBSA.

• Campaign Evaluation can help monitor purchase activity in the market in line with the timing of a particular marketing campaign. The comprehensive reports help marketers assess the conversion rates and evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, the timing of converting leads to sales, competitive intelligence and new or used detail and demographic data on consumers.

• Working in accordance with federal guidelines, IHS Automotive also helps manufacturers deal with product recalls, assisting them in identifying motor vehicle owners based on vehicle registration information.

• Foresight into the market helps companies make better, more well-informed decisions offering the highest return while mitigating risk. And with its global perspective, IHS understands the ways in which the forces in play – market, product, technological, economic, financial, trade, transportation, energy, regulatory, demographic and political – can influence opportunities.

For additional information contact Doublestein at (248) 728-7387 and [email protected] or Account Representative Rusty Nichols at (248) 728-7603 or [email protected]