Eleven RV parks in Lake County, Ill., have filed suit in circuit court to overturn county regulations that they say would threaten their businesses.

The board’s regulations require 50-foot setbacks on all sides of an RV park. Park owners also must put fences 25 feet in from the property line and landscape the neighbor’s side of the fence. In addition, the regulations prohibit the parks from operating between Nov. 1 and March 31.

“We are being driven out of business,” says Pat Diebold, owner of the Parrot’s Cove Resort and the leader of the Lake County RV Park Association, which filed the suit July 28.

Diebold added that the ordinance would cause her to lose half of her sites.

County Board member Judy Martini countered that the ordinance “protects health and safety of all residents involved.”

The ordinances that the County Board passed earlier this year addressed complaints from park neighbors that the value of property adjoining campgrounds was declining, and that some RVers were staying at the parks year round.

The County Board has not yet responded to the suit.