Indiana’s Elkhart County was one of the hardest hit counties in the nation during the recession. Now, more than five years later it has one of the fastest growing economies in the country.

WSBT TV reported that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence touted that in a speech the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce on Thursday (Aug. 13) and said Elkhart is an example for the rest of the country.

Gov. Pence stopped by the chamber on his way to tour Keystone’s new RV plant in Goshen. He said Elkhart is a city with a strong heart and now, a bright future.

“The economy in Elkhart is just booming like crazy. We went from a place where we were at the bottom of the rung, and now we’re leading the state and the nation in some ways,” said President of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, Kyle Hannon.

Pence says the growth isn’t just limited to Elkhart County, it’s all across the state.

“Because of the resilience and the hard work and ingenuity of people across Indiana, unemployment is now below 5% for the first time in seven years,” said Pence.

While Pence certainly touted the economic growth and strength of the state, he also pointed out that the state still needs to compete with other states and cities every day to bring in more jobs.

But for a lot of business leaders in Elkhart, they think they’re well positioned for the future.

“It keeps going. We say there’s no end in sight. Nobody sees it yet and that’s kind of nice, we’re all a little nervous, but there’s no end in sight,” said Hannon.

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