Indiana in 2004 continued to increase its dominant share of U.S. RV manufacturing.
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) 2004 Industry Profile released this week, based on wholesale RV shipments to dealers, reported that 63.8% of all RVs manufactured in 2004 were built in Indiana – up from 58% in 2003.
The spurt is the result of a number of major manufacturers opening new factories in the Hoosier state last year, a trend that is continuing. California, the second ranking state in both 2003 and 2004, fell from 11% to 9%.
Indiana led the industry in all manufacturing categories.
The report indicated that 95% of all hybrid travel trailers – hard-sided trailers with canvas-type extensions – were manufactured in Indiana, as well as 77% of fifth-wheels, 69% of conventional travel trailers, 59% of Class C minimotorhomes and 36% of Class A motorhomes.
Oregon ranked third with 6% of total shipments followed by Pennsylvania with 5% and Iowa with 4%.
Highlights of the 2004 Industry Profile include:
* Total wholesale shipments of 370,100 units for the year, representing an all-time high retail value of $14.7 billion, were up 15.4% over 2003.
* 2004 marked the third straight year shipments increased following off years in 2000 and 2001.
* 2004 shipments of 370,100 units represent an almost 50% increase from 2001 – the low point of the decade when 256,800 units were shipped.
* Towable shipments totaled 298,300 units, up 15.2% over 2003 for the best total in 28 years. Fifth-wheels gained 22% to 91,000 units and conventional travel trailers increased 23,800 units over 2003 for a total of 163,600.
* Motorhome shipments increased 16% to 71,800 units.
* More than two out of every three RVs – 67.5% – were shipped with at least one slideout room, an increase from 51% in 2000.
* While California’s share of the manufacturing market declined, the Golden State remained the No. 1 shipment destination. Some 12% of RVs manufactured in 2004 were shipped to California, followed by Florida with 7.2%, Texas with 5.6%, Michigan with 4.9% and New York with 3.2%.
* The manufacture of conversion vehicles, which are not included in the totals for conventional RVs, fell 26% to 42,000 units from 57,000 units in 2003, continuing a more than decade-long decline.