Door supplier Nappanee Window LLC was presented Tuesday (Oct. 3) with the 2006 Indiana Governors Award for Environmental Excellence, recognizing the firm’s eco-friendly production practices.
According to a press release, the company’s recycling of sidewall material in the manufacturing process diverts 45 tons of landfill waste each month. Nappanee Window received the award under the category of recycling and reuse of materials.
The Nappanee, Ind., company said that RV sidewalls are normally laminated and routed to make room for doors and windows with the routed material ending up in the landfill. Nappanee Window has “created an innovative way” to use this waste material for manufacturing by selectively accepting the scrap and using custom-built equipment to fabricate it back into door panels.
“Nappanee Window has been able to implement this production process not only because we use innovative technology but also because of the higher skill and dedication of our production employees,” said Evan Bontrager, president. “It takes a mindset and commitment with all the people handling the material, and works best with our most innovative and advanced customers who get excited about saving money and diverting waste from public landfills.”
The firm said the volume of material savings is expected to continue to grow as the process is expanded to additional customers, to the point where it becomes an industry expectation to re-use scrap material.