Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said he wants to re-enroll 25,000 college dropouts in school, double the number of state apprenticeships and help 30,000 Hoosiers obtain a high school diploma and a better job — all this year.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reported that those were among five benchmarks the Republican governor outlined in his second State of the State address, which he delivered Tuesday (Jan. 9) night to a joint session of the Indiana House and Senate.

The goal is to address a worker shortage, which Holcomb described as “85,000 jobs in Indiana unfilled because employers can’t find the people equipped with the skills they need.” And it’s a problem he said will get worse as economic development add more jobs.

As a result, Holcomb said his focus for 2018 “can be summed up in three words: people, people, people.”

“We have the resources to begin to crack this code, and we’re going to put them to work for every student and worker in our state who wants to get ahead,” he said.

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