The second annual “Reality RV Challenge,” hosted by the Herald Tribune in Anderson, Ind., recently claimed a winner.
After surviving five days of living in a recreational vehicle – originally with six other contestants – while being subjected to two “challenges” per day, Jeff Wood took home the $5,500 folding camping trailer donated by local retailer Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales.
The 34-year-old Anderson resident said he plans to try out his new camper this Labor Day at a state park in Ohio. Second-place finisher Jeremy Deck won a set of patio furniture.
The final challenge, titled “Password Parlay,” sent the two contestants searching a local mall for three people with special passwords.
Contestants reportedly formed a bond during the contest and a reunion is planned. “It was a fun week,” Wood said after the completion of the contest.
But after five days crammed in an RV with six strangers, without family, he was ready to head home. “I’m looking forward to my own bed, home – all that good stuff.”