Indiana continued as the leading RV manufacturing state last year, and by a wide margin, according data gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
The Hoosier state was the leading producer of five of the seven types of RV products, as defined by the RVIA. It was the leader except for two small product categories: truck campers and Class B motorhomes.
Indiana factories built 55.6% of all RV product types produced last year, followed by California at 11.9%, Pennsylvania at 9.1%, Oregon at 5.1% and Iowa at 4.1%.
The Hoosier state built 69.9% of all fifth-wheels produced last year and 60.5% of all travel trailers, the RVIA reported. Its factories also accounted for 60.1% of all Class C motorhomes and 43.2% of all Class A motorhomes produced during 2001.
Meanwhile, 42.2% of all folding campers built last year were assembled in Indiana, as was the case with 17.6% of all truck campers and 2.6% of all Class B motorhomes.
California, last year, was, by far, the leading producer of truck campers, accounting for 59.4% of all units. It’s factories built 15.1% of all Class A motorhomes, 12.9% of all travel trailers, 10.7% of all fifth-wheels and 10.4% of all Class C motorhomes.
There were no folding campers built in California last year, but the state produced 4.6% of all Class B’s.