The 10,000 RV dealership in Southern California’s Kearny Mesa is bucking tradition.
Instead of selling RVs from an expansive outdoor lot, the dealership has moved the retail experience indoors.
According to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, 10,000 RV opened the indoor showroom in July, after taking over and renovating a DHL shipping warehouse. The building houses offices, a home-like customer area in addition to the 16,000-square-foot showroom.
The Union Tribune reported that it’s the only indoor showroom operated by an RV dealer in San Diego County and one of the few in Southern California.
“It’s a more upscale approach,” said Larry Simpson, the company’s marketing director. “People are making a huge investment when shopping for a motorhome and the indoor showroom is a better way to display higher-end coaches.”
The indoor showroom has allowed 10,000 RV to sell more expensive brands and to focus on larger diesel-powered motorhomes, which typically sell for $40,000 to $50,000 more than a gasoline-powered model.
“We don’t sell low end, so you won’t see small-block diesels here,” said sales showroom manager Wayde Foster. “And there are million-dollar buses, but we’re not after that segment, either.”
Instead of the traditional lot environment with 10 or more RVs all the same brand in a row, the dealership employs a “boutique approach.”
Each unit is accented with table settings, hand towels in the bathrooms, flower arrangements and some kitchenware to add a homey touch and to give customers an idea of possible interior decorating options, said Enid Hansen, project coordinator.
“Men shop, but women buy the motorhome,” she said.
There are six brands and a selection of models and lengths displayed. Each unit is connected to electricity, so lights, music and slide-outs can be tested without having to fire up the generator.
“We wanted to create an environment that sets us apart from the competition,” said Simpson, noting the company expects $60 million in sales this year, growing to $80 million in 2005.