Industrial Finishes, a nationwide supplier of RV, automotive and industrial coatings, has developed an online dashboard designed to provide customers with a clear snapshot of key business indicators.

Referred to as a “performance tracking portal” by Industrial Finishes, the online dashboard tracks such measurables as profitability, usage and more.

“It’s a business analytics dashboard, so we’re working with customers to help them track the costs of running a profitable paint shop,” said Glenn Duckworth, president of the company headquartered in Eugene, Ore. “We’re also using this to work with some of the dealers trying to improve their operations. This tool could help them improve their paint shop profitability.”

Duckworth pointed out that the portal tracks costs for products such as coatings, paint, braces, sealants, adhesives and tape. Knowing that data will help a dealer understand the average cost to repair a motorhome or a trailer.

“As we see more and more units being painted by dealers, the demand for paint is going to continue to increase. This helps dealers be more profitable in their paint shops,” he said. “Most don’t know what the cost of a repair is, so we can actually help them with that.

In addition, the Web-based portal provides financial insight on paint and materials, monitors paint department profitability, offers a management tool to budget and highlight areas of concern, sets paint shop goals and objectives, calculates sales percentages and improves paint shop practices.

Duckworth mentioned that more and more RV dealers are discovering the revenue potential offered by collision repair that includes paint service.

“Dealers who are investing in paint shops have an opportunity to improve their relationship with the customer long term and also make some money along the way,” he said. “There’s a lot of warranty work that gets done, but there’s also a lot of collision work.

“People get out, they drive these RVs and they get scratched or they get dinged or whatever. Here’s an opportunity to help service a customer and make a little money.”

He added that Industrial Finishes has been in business for 60 years, and a key part of the RV industry for the last 20 years, so it’s acquired a knowledge base that will help dealers match colors correctly when a collision repair requires it.

“We can help them with the mixing of colors to make sure they get the right mix to match whatever they got out there prepared. We have an index of colors of motorhome companies we’ve worked with so that if they pick a 2011 King Aire, we can tell them what the colors are for that 2011 King Aire to help save them time, which helps save them money,” Duckworth explained.