By the end of the year, Pratt Industries hopes to be fully operational at their new manufacturing plant in southwest Michigan’s Niles Township, which could bring 400 jobs to the area.

ABC 57, South Bend, Ind., reported that the company is not involved in the RV industry, building large, industrial trailers for the transport of non-traditional loads such as building trusses and wind turbine blades.

“There’s some future and some hope now; so, we hope everybody makes out good on this whole,” said Jim Kidwell, Niles Charter Township Supervisor.

Kidwell is looking forward to the new business moving into the area. Not only will it utilize a long vacant and large building; the wages the jobs will pay are expected to give a solid boost to the local economy.

Pay will start around $17 an hour and going up from there, according to Kidwell.

Beyond the livable wage, the new business reuses a nearly 300,000 square foot building that had been sitting empty since 2008.

Kidwell was concerned the township would have to find a way to take care of or demolish the building if a buyer could not be found for it. The building used to be owned by United Fixtures. Since they closed the doors in 2008, the enormous building has been passed around to several realtors, according to Kidwell.

Pratt Industries wants to be up and running by the end of the year, according to Kidwell, and that bodes well for skilled laborers looking for a job this summer.