The Recreation Vehicle Dealer’s Association’s (RVDA) board has joined the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) in calling for increased emphasis on improving customer service.
During a meeting Sept. 26 at the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., the RVDA board approved a proposal to restructure the industrywide Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence. Currently, the committee’s responsibilities are focused on a proprietary bi-annual customer satisfaction survey of new RV owners.
RVDA President Mike Molino said that customer service has improved in recent years. “(But) our improvement has not been as comprehensive and as quick as it needs to be to keep up with customer expectations,” Molino said.
The new emphasis would charge the Committee on Excellence – or its successor – with finding specific ways to increase customer satisfaction.
Specifics of the survey, for which only 11 companies this year provided customer information, are shared only with the company’s that participate.
On a broad scale, the most recent survey found that nearly one in five owners of new RVs weren’t satisfied with their experience – whether it was the unit itself, the sales process or the service they received after the sale.
The 2005 survey results found that only 76% of motorhome and 82% of towable owners were either completely or very satisfied with their overall RV experience. The results were similar to findings in 2001 and 2003.
A meeting is scheduled for Friday (Oct. 21) between representatives of RVIA, RVDA, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) and the RV Aftermarket Association (RVAA) to start the process of restructuring the Committee on Excellence.
Another meeting where industry “stakeholders” were invited to provide input is to be held Nov. 10 in Ontario, Calif.
The RVDA board motion “envisions” a task force being set up to work on the specific issues identified by the bi-annual surveys.
How the Committee on Excellence’s new role will be financed is not clear.
The Go RVing Coalition – financed by an assessment to the RVIA seal applied by the manufacturers to RVs they make – pays for the bi-annual surveys, the most recent of which cost $440,000.