The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has designated “growing the RV market” as the top priority of its strategic plan, an ongoing process that’s been under way for three years by the association, which represents RV manufacturers and suppliers.
At the same time, RVIA has pledged to help its membership to grow at twice the rate of the U.S. economy and work with other segments of the industry to do so.
“You can argue that everything we do at RVIA is designed to grow the market,” said RVIA President David Humprheys. “The biggest difference is there is some language in the goal about aiding other segments of the industry. One of the things that I take out of this is that we ought to be helping our industry partners more.”
The RVIA board approved the association’s revised strategic plan during the RVIA Annual Meeting, March 6-10 at the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort, Maui, Hawaii.
Political squabbles between RVIA and the Recreation Vehcile Dealers Assocaition (RVDA) over manufacturer-dealer agreements, mandatory binding arbitration and inventory buy-backs in recent years have not served either organization well, Humphreys said.
“We are here to help dealers, not hurt them,” he said. “Hopefully, this will end the frustration of working on things that we couldn’t agree on. All of the resources we have are not here just to take care of manufacturers and suppliers.”