RV parts distribution veterans John Curran, Brent Diver and Rod Humphreys have partnered with Larry Dorfman, former CEO and chairman of APCO Holdings Inc., to create Ranger Distribution Inc. (RDI).

According to a press release, RDI CEO Curran has 30 years of experience in the parts distribution business and spent his last 22 years at Dave Carter and Associates where he was CFO and president/CEO. During his three-year tenure as CEO the company more than doubled its revenue.

“I’m looking forward to starting fresh with a veteran team and delivering unparalleled service to the industry. Our team has worked together for a long time and we are excited to step out and build our own company, an employee owned company, that is driven to be the best in the industry” said Curran. “Our customers need to know that the parts they require to keep their factories running will be delivered on time, every time, and that the order will be right the first time. That is exactly what we intend to do.”

Diver comes to RDI with over 25 years of experience in the RV industry, most recently as the national sales manager of Dave Carter and Associates. He started at ground level and has developed extensive relationships throughout the RV OEM space, the release stated.

“We’ve worked hard to build a trusting and productive relationship with the key people at the OEMs we have served,” said Diver. “I’m really excited to have this opportunity to start our own business with a great team and expand on that experience into the future. We are passionate about building a company that is head and shoulders above every other parts distribution company in the industry in our people, product, and processes.”

Humphreys has 10 years in the automotive supply industry and more than 15 years of RV parts distribution experience that includes managing a 170,000-square-foot RV parts distribution warehouse with 30 employees before transitioning to RV OEM parts sales.

“Having experience inside the distribution warehouse and out in the field selling to our OEM customers has really helped me understand what it takes to deliver service and build strong relationships at every level,” said Humphreys. “This opportunity to be a partner in the business along with others I know, and respect has me very excited about our future.”

Dorfman, a lead investor and board member in RDI, founded APCO Holdings and EasyCare in 1984 and served as chairman/CEO until May of 2019. APCO is an administrator for F&I benefits in the RV and automotive spaces.

“My wife, Cathy, and I started APCO with some friends as a family business and we managed to keep that feeling throughout our time there by including our families and employees in our culture. John Curran is Cathy’s brother and we are excited to start another family business with the Divers and the Humphreys and a group of passionate people intent on serving passionate customers in the RV OEM space” said Dorfman. “There’s a lot of room for growth and improvement in the business and we look forward to filling that space quickly.”