InfintyLuxuryWovenVinyl_GrayInfinity Fabrics, a leader in woven vinyl surfaces, announced in a release today (June 17) that it is preparing for growth by updating its logo, brand look and website to align with the future of the company.

After spending several years refining its Luxury Woven Vinyl product, the Dalton, Ga.-based company has gained traction in the RV industry, with the product being used as flooring and wall coverings.

With its patented backing system, Infinity Fabrics has completely redefined marine flooring. The durable, UV- and stain-resistant surface stays cool and clean, is soft underfoot and doesn’t mold or mildew like traditional recreational flooring.

“We’ve developed the perfect floor covering for places where carpet never made sense,” said Steve Couch, owner of Infinity Fabrics. “For manufacturers, dealers, installers and even DIYers, our Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring has become the top choice because of its many design and color options, and its enhanced performance.”

The company has seen demand increase significantly over the last few years, and Couch is ramping up production.

“The flooring is assisting sales on new models while boosting resale value on refurbished models. It’s a win for the bottom line and a win for the RV enthusiast who deserves one less thing to worry about,” he explained.

To take full advantage of its momentum and to further serve its customers, the company will release a new line of upholstery and a line of canvas awning tops in the coming months.

Along with increased production and a bevy of new products comes a new look for the company.Infinity Fabrics will be introducing a new logo and updating all of its materials with a brand look that better aligns with the future of the company. The new logo was designed to reflect the premium nature of the product and the elegant recreational lifestyle sought by RV enthusiasts.

Since 2007, Infinity Fabrics, a manufacturer of Luxury Woven Vinyl, has offered designers and buyers stylish flooring with proven performance in the most demanding environments. Products are designed and constructed with a patented manufacturing process that features a unique, heavy-traffic rated backing system that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

For more information, visit www.infinitylwv.com.