Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV), a supplier of woven vinyl surfaces, flooring and canvas, announced the launch of its new website.  

According to a press release, the new website “modernizes the look and feel of the company through beautiful imagery and a clean layout that was created with the user-experience in mind. The upgraded site provides improved functionality and ease of use to better carry consumers through the buying process.

“We are excited about our new website and feel its aesthetics and functionality are a direct reflection of our quality and brand,” said Warren McCrickard, vice president of corporate sales. “Every aspect of the website was designed with a specific intention, which has yielded a more appealing user experience and aligns with the future of the company.”

In order to move away from the perception of solely being a marine-based brand, Infinity’s new website also solidifies its relevance in the RV, hospitality and contracting industries. Featuring specific information on how each product can fit in any industry, the site showcases Infinity’s offering of over 20 collections and 200 color pallets. Additionally, the updated website will include wholesale options on particular products so current and perspective dealers can purchase online.

“We are committed to offering our customers a long line of beautiful, versatile products so they can create luxury that suits them,” McCrickard said. “Our new website provides superior service and customized solutions using a customer-central approach so every step of the buying process is smooth, simple and enjoyable.”