A Bristol, Ind.-based manufacturer is investing $2.5 million to build a new factory that will produce the ‘next generation’ of recreational vehicles.

WNDU reported that InnoVator RV will do so without using any wood, metal, or aluminum on the vehicle structure itself.

“This material, we believe, is the strongest in the industry. We have it trademarked as Parma Shield,” said company co-owner Phillip Biscan while rapping his knuckles on the shell of a 25 foot prototype. “And it’s just strong, just strong as all get out.”

It’s so strong that Parma Shield accounts for every fiber of the InnoVator unibody chassis.

“It’s like a fiber stranded polymer, it’s a cross woven between different polymers to get a panel strength that’s required for the structure,” said InnoVator co-owner Randy Carr. “You’re going against bigger companies that’s been in it for years, they’re well financed, I mean it’s hard to build what they’re building and outdo them at their game. So the only way that we can do it is to try to change the game.”

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