Many Tesla fans have been asking for the automaker to make an electric motorhome. It is finally coming, but it’s not from Tesla itself – though it is built using a Tesla Model S.

Electrek.co reported that there have been several recent attempts to create all-electric campers and motorhomes, but most of them don’t have a significant powertrain.

Entrepreneur Travis Rabenberg decided to start off with a vehicle that already had a good all-electric powertrain to create a motorhome. The Michigan government announced that Rabenberg is going to unveil the prototype at a state expo next week.

He hasn’t released many details about the prototype yet, but several modifications are visible from the renders.

First off, it’s obvious that the back end has been completely modified to fit a camper box, which can open into a tent with the roof made of a large solar panel. The suspension has also been lifted significantly.

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