Cutty’s Campground, a fixture in Grimes, Iowa, since 1967, is up for sale, according to the Dallas County News.
Manager Jim Mollondor said plans to sell the 82-acre site containing 525 spaces have been in the works for about six to eight months.
Talks had begun shortly after Cutty’s cleared out the big barn at the front of the property to add new spaces to the site.
“It was either finish the project and lose a little, or not finish the addition and lose a lot,” Mollondor said of the property, which is northwest of Des Moines. “So we completed it. Now those spaces are filled.”
Jim and Char Mollondor came to Cutty’s in 1978 as mangers. The campground went private in 1980 when the operators began selling lots for permanent camping.
“Most of the spaces are privately owned, but we maintain some as open camping for overnight or weekend camping,” Mollondor said.
The increases in property taxes in Polk County are driving the sale, Mollondor said. The taxes are paid by the corporation, which are in turn paid out of member dues.
Mollondor said 98% of the owners of campground space are all for the sale.
The Mollendors are looking at property about 15 miles north of Grimes in Boone County, in the town of Madrid, and they are looking for an exchange deal.
“Whoever buys this site will have to build us a new resort,” Mollondor said.
There are some people interested in developing the property as commercial, but nothing certain at this time, he said. When the sale is complete there will be quite a parade from Cutty’s to wherever the new site is located.
“We have some park models that will have to be moved professionally,” Mollondor said, “but 90% of the models are mobile.”
Moving away from the Interstate 35/80 exchange should be no big deal, the campground operator added.