The war in Iraq has reduced the number of customers patronizing RV parks and other tourism-related businesses at least at the Mexican beach town of Puerto Penasco, according to The Arizona Daily Star of Tucson.
For example, about 20% of the reservations at the Playa Elegante RV Park in Puerto Penasco for last week were cancelled, according to Leonardo Peralta, the reservations manager, who was quoted by The Star.
Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, is about a four hour-drive from Tucson and Phoenix, and it is a popular destination for college-age spring breakers and other tourists, according to The Star.
The town is in the Mexican state of Sonora, and Sonora’s tourism office estimates about 20,000 college-age people traveled to Puerto Penasco for spring break this year, compared with 30,000 last spring, The Star reported.