In an upcoming issue, the staff of RV Business magazine plans to showcase ten of the industry’s most consistently effective and aggressive salespeople – those so-called “shooters” who not only close sales but ensure repeat business by their demonstrated professionalism.
Now, we’re not talking about sales managers and vice presidents here. We’re talking about real front line personnel, those doing wholesale business as OEM factory reps and those who exemplify sales finesse among the supplier and distributor ranks. We’re also talking about people – at any age – who transact directly at retail with American consumers at shows and dealerships throughout the land.
As you can see, this is not about you bosses, but about the people you’ve hired out there who make your companies successful at the bottom line, people who, as TV’s Larry the Cable Guy might have said, actually get ‘er done.
To assemble a roster of likely candidates, we are calling upon you, RVBUSINESS.com’s registrants, to assist us by nominating some of these competitive salespeople who go the extra mile for their companies for the sake of a commission and the satisfaction of the hunt.
Please forward your nominations to RVB Managing Editor Dave Barbulesco, editor of RVBUSINESS.com, at [email protected] And, if you would, include a short explanation as to why you consider this individual a viable candidate.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
Sherman Goldenberg, Publisher