RVtoday, the only regularly scheduled RV lifestyle show on U.S. television, started its fourth year in January with ratings more than double the start of last year.
“In 2002 we had an average viewing audience in the neighborhood of 200,000 viewers a week,” reports John Martin, a senior vice president of Affinity Group Inc. (AGI), owner and producer of RVtoday. The program is telecast on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) seven days a week and is available in 58 million homes.
“When we first started this, it was viewed with skepticism by the industry,” he said. “But viewership leaped to an average of 381,000 in 2003, and the first month in 2004, we are averaging 401,000 a week.”
Bob Livingston, AGI vice president of RV content and executive director of RVtoday, said the program’s goal is to be diverse enough to interest people who are contemplating the purchase of RVs as well as those who already own them.
“We are building a show that is very versatile,” Livingston said. “It provides a strong destination segment and it gives the viewer a real cross section of what kinds of facilities are out there.”
Each episode has a geographical theme that runs throughout the show. Early this year, for example, RVtoday featured the Wisconsin Dells, Amish Acres in northern Indiana and the Arizona desert community of Quartzsite, which is visited by tens of thousands RVers each January.
On RV Today’s schedule are visits to AGI’s upcoming Great North American RV Rally in Huntchinson, Kan., Idaho, the Niagara Falls area and Washington state.
The Great North American RV Rally is scheduled for June 21-24.