American adults are participating in fewer outdoor recreational activities than they were two years ago, according to an annual RoperASW study commissioned by the American Recreation Coalition’s (ARC) Recreation Roundtable.
The survey, which polled 2,001 Americans 18 and older, was the roundtable’s ninth since 1994.
“Beginning in 2001 and even more strongly in 2003, a long-time pattern of increasing outdoor recreation participation changed into a downward trend,” RoperASW noted in the study’s executive summary. “There was also a significant reported decline in frequency of participation in outdoor recreational activities.”
The study tracked participation in 37 specific outdoor recreational activities, including RV camping. Participation declined in all but six categories.
The percentage of respondents reporting they spent time in a campground in the last year remained constant at 18%, while those who had camped in an RV declined from 9% to 8%.
Here are some other survey findings:
• The drop in frequency of participation in an outdoor activity was most significant in 18- to 29-year-olds.
• Federal lands continue to be the most popular places to visit.
• Twenty-one percent expressed an interest in being public land volunteers, including 41% of RVers.