International Thermal Research Ltd. (ITR), manufacturers of diesel-fired heaters for space and hot water, today (April 18) announced the launch of the ITRTouch control.

The ITRTouch control is compatible with most ITR products, including the Oasis and Hurricane heating systems used throughout the RV and marine industries, as well as the new Oasis NE-S and Oasis NE heating systems used in Class A motorhomes and the Hurricane SCH25 used for boats.

A unique and user-friendly interface and help menu is provided with intuitive controls to determine the operating status of the heating system including fault detection and fault solution with a simple to touch to the screen.

It also controls the operation of the heater if the user wishes to use manual intervention over thermostatic control from time to time.

A uniquely attractive screen which may be turned on or off provides a host of information about the heating system. The ITRTouch screen was designed wholly in-house by ITR engineering, thus allowing for expedited software upgrades and the provision for heater enhancements.