Maria Vila heard the advertisement for the new RV class on the radio several times before it sank in. This class was for her. And the married mother of two school-aged children quickly signed up.

The South Bend Tribune reported that on day four of the five-day, 40-hour class at Ivy Tech Community College in Goshen, Ind., she was very sure she had made the right decision.

“I am 100% sure (I will get a job),” she said confidently Thursday in the hallway outside the classroom. A wide tool belt around her waist contained a tape measure and a long, flat pencil. The tools she used were back in the classroom. They included power tools such as a screw gun, nail gun and staple gun. She had been instructed and tested on each throughout the week for speed and accuracy.

But this class was far more than testing whether students could quickly punch a nail inside 21 small circles. Vila did it in about 10 seconds as the week progressed.

Students built floors, laid linoleum, paneled a wall, put in kitchen cabinets and then took them out and replaced them with bathroom cabinets. They also built frames for doors, installed outlets, vents, RV windows and doors. Two classrooms, which sit across the hall from each other, were both very busy.

“I learned a lot,” Vila said, noting the class focused on teamwork, too. “The three days I have been here I have done a lot. It is fast-paced. We measure. We use power tools. They give us a lot of tests with fractions and hands-on learning.”

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