Everyone assumed RV shipments from manufacturers to dealers would be down sharply when January 2001 is compared with January 2000. And the data compiled by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) confirmed the widely held supposition.

January towables RV deliveries were down 24.2% to 15,700 units and motorhome shipments were down 42.6% to 3,500 units, the RVIA reported.

In the towable RV category, travel trailer deliveries were down 26.2% to 7,600 units and fifth-wheel shipments declined 25.9% to 4,000 units.

Meanwhile, folding camper shipments fell 17.1% to 3,400 units and truck camper deliveries plunged 22.2% to 700 units.

In motorhomes, Class A’s fell 46.7% to 2,400 units and Class C’s were down 30.8% to 900 units.

Class B motorhome shipments fell 33.3% in January to 200 units.

The wholesale market for RVs was strong during the first quarter of 2000, so negative comparisons are expected for the entire first quarter of this year.

The wholesale market started to cool off during the second quarter of 2000 and got colder as last year progressed. Consequently, most industry insiders believe the shipments data during the final nine months of this year will compare more favorably with the same portions of 2000.