When it comes to discussion of the recreation vehicle and motorhome world in Australia, Jayco can never be far from the conversation. Owning roughly 50% of the market in the country, Jayco has served as both a remarkable success story and as a way to gauge changes in the Australian industry.

As reported by Digital Journal, the company recently announced they have entered the RV rental market through another company they recently acquired Around Australia Motorhomes, which has a reputation as Australia’s premium motorhome rental service. Jayco has rebranded Australia Motorhomes as Let’s Go Motorhomes, but the focus on quality service and premium rental choices remains.

“We see the demand for high quality RV and motorhome rental services everyday both from our own native Australians and from people who come from across the world to experience our country’s many wonders,” commented Michael Ryan, managing director of Let’s Go Motorhomes. “We are going to meet these needs in a way that exceeds even the highest expectations and help make this aspect of the motorhome business grow even further. We have a great team that truly understands what our customers are looking for, from the young people on an adventure, too retirees who are exploring things they’ve wanted to see for most of their lives.”

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